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The Fdot1TV YouTube channel was closed without notification or explanation by YouTube in late 2011. We are still fighting to get the channel re-opened.
When YouTube shut us down Fdot1TV had
over 150,000 video views grrrr!

We are now hosting all the official Fdot1 videos on MUZU.TV a new music video site dedicated only to QUALITY music videos.

Fdot1 on MUZU.TV.


NEW! She's So Money MusicK album So Grimey EP

Limited Edition "Money MusicK" album

If you still love to hold real CDs in your hand and display them on your bookshelf, we got it covered. A special LIMITED EDITION copy of the Money MusicK album has been made. It comes in a custom wallet case, stacked full of Fdot1ars. A future collectable!
Get a copy here

London to Chi-Town, Let's Go!

This year's shaping up to be a busy one with collaborations a plenty.

First up, a collaboration with Chicago producer Rediculus titled 'Let's Go'. This is the first single from an EP (as yet untitled) and is available to BUY NOW on Bandcamp.

Also out is 'Off the Turnbuckles' featuring J57, Venomous2000, Fdot1 and El Gant which debuted on WRAP.fm's "Certified Fresh Jumpoff" show.

Nuff respect to Rediculus for reachin' out,
Much luv - Flo.......

Fdot1 vs Man Parrish
Let Me Hear Ya (Hip Hop Be Bop)

This epic b-boy battle video is finally finished. But we are holding onto the release of this for a bit longer. Be patient people. All good things come to those that wait...

Big love goes out to Man Parrish for allowing me to remake the track, my b-boys World Finalists and UK Champions the Soul Mavericks, New York's finest the Supreme Beings and of course, the one, the only Crazy Legs. Peace...!

Fdot1 taking over
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O2 Headliner!

Live Fest, London's biggest indoor festival.
Fdot1 performed alongside Tinchy Stryder, RollDeep, Tempa T.
Joining Fdot1 on stage Kyra Simone, David Mensah, Dray Delta and 2Amplified