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NEW! I'm a Rebel album Money MusicK album So Grimey


Let Me Hear Ya (Hip Hop Be Bop) Boom! She's So

Limited Edition "Money MusicK" album

If you still love to hold real CDs in your hand and display them on your bookshelf, we got it covered. A special LIMITED EDITION copy of the Money MusicK album has been made. It comes in a custom wallet case, stacked full of Fdot1ars. A future collectable!
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Primarily this album is about my love of Hip-Hop and what it stands for. Lyrically, most of the songs contain references to my journey through life and cites some of the artists that have inspired me so it's kind of a history lesson.

Featuring the talents of reggae legend, Tippa Irie, Corporal A-K, the Inconz collective (home town Barbados), UK emcee Genesis Elijah and an Official Remake of the 80s electro classic "Hip Hop Be Bop" by Man Parrish.

Fdot1 vs Man Parrish
Let Me Hear Ya
(Hip Hop Be Bop)

This epic b-boy battle video is finally finished. Watch it here on YouTube or MUZU.TV

Big love goes out to Man Parrish for allowing me to remake the track, my b-boys World Finalists and UK Champions the Soul Mavericks, New York's finest the Supreme Beings and of course, the original b-boy Crazy Legs from Rock Steady Crew. Peace...!